Affordable, authentic photography for families and couples in Greater Cincinnati.

I have been working part-time as a photographer for over seven years while also raising two children and loving on my husband. I love traveling, paddleboarding, dancing, Harry Potter, and almost anything created by Greg Daniels and Michael Schur.

Over the years, I've been growing my business and dedicating as much time and energy as I can into making sure everything from the booking process to your actual photoshoot is easy, enjoyable, and simple!

I genuinely enjoy getting to know you, connecting with your children, and preserving the memories your family creates during our time together. If you're looking for a family photographer, here are a few things you might like about me:

I have a passion for working with kids. I bring a lot of energy and patience to each session, and after years of experience, I have quite a few tricks up my sleeve to help you and your children relax, smile, and have fun!

I’m resourceful. I work creatively to keep my sessions affordable without sacrificing quality. I’ve invested in the essentials without splurging on the bells and whistles so that more families and couples have the opportunity to invest in professional photography.

I’m a parent. So I know how important these photos are. I always take a variety of posed portraits and candids so that you have a well rounded collection of images that capture the season. I also know that sometimes things don't go as planned and kids are unpredictable. I've learned to have realistic expectations and embrace the beautiful chaos that often unfolds when children are around.

Check out my social media pages for a portfolio of my most recent work! You might be surprised to see that I do even more than just family photography. I love to do branding sessions, senior portraits, and kids personality sessions!


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