— Include fully edited digital high-resolution JPEG images.
— Include my travel time up to 20 minutes.
See FAQs for additional details.

Mini Session


20 minutes
I choose the location
April-November on specified dates & times only
15-20 photos
Immediate family only
50% non-refundable retainer due at booking
Check my Mini Sessions page for current availability

Family Portrait Session


Up to 40 minutes
Your choice location
Flexible dates & times
30 photos
Consultation and location guide available
50% non-refundable retainer due at booking (fall sessions only)

Home Session


Up to 15 minutes
Outside only, anywhere on your property
Weekdays only
10 photos
50% non-refundable retainer due at booking (fall sessions only)
Travel fee may apply depending on where you live

Newborn | Full Session


Up to 90 minutes
In home
Scheduled 2 weeks after birth
30 photos
Use of my newborn swaddles, textured blankets, baskets, and other props
50% non-refundable retainer due upfront to reserve your session
(Studio option for additional cost)

Newborn | Half Session


Up to 45 minutes
In home
Scheduled 2 weeks-3 months after birth
15 photos
Emphasis on lifestyle images
Use of my newborn swaddles
50% non-refundable retainer due upfront to reserve your session
(Studio option for additional cost)

Custom Kids Personality Session


30 minutes
Locust & Vine Studio
20 photos
Up to 3 kids ($50 each additional child)
Sitting babes and older
Choice of backdrops
1 outfit change allowed
50% non-refundable retainer due upfront to reserve your session and studio space
See FAQ for more info!

Custom Portrait Session


Can be booked in half-hour increments
Lifestyle or Branding
Weddings (max. 3 hours)
Boudoir (+ cost of studio rental)
50% non-refundable retainer due at booking


How do I sign up for a mini session?

A. Mini sessions are my most popular sessions!! I host them about once or twice a month, and when I post sign up forms each season, spots are typically full within an hour or two. So you'll want to be ready! To sign up for a mini session, click the Mini Sessions page in my navigation and follow the prompts to get to the sign up form. Generally speaking, I start booking spring mini sessions on March 1, summer mini sessions on June 1, and fall + holiday mini sessions on September 1. Join my newsletter or follow me on social media for reminders and other info!

How do I schedule a newborn session?

A. Please click on my Newborn Guide page for everything you need to know about newborn sessions, including when and how to schedule one!

What is the difference between a newborn full session and a newborn half session?

A. Please click on my Newborn Guide page for everything you need to know about newborn sessions.

Do you require a retainer?

A. Some sessions require a 50% retainer due at booking. Mini Sessions: If you need to cancel your mini session, and I can find another family to take your spot, I’ll give you credit towards your next session or a full refund. However, if you cancel and I am unable to replace you, I keep the retainer to offset the lost business. Newborn Sessions: Please refer to my Newborn Guide for more info. Other Sessions: If something comes up after you've booked your session, you'll have up to 2 weeks to reschedule your session. If you do not reschedule within 2 weeks, I will keep the retainer to offset the lost business. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding!

When is the best time of day to schedule an outdoor session?

A. One hour before sunset generally offers the most flattering light, unless it’s an overcast day, then anytime is fine. That said, consider when your kids will be at their best and schedule accordingly. For home sessions, whenever the best parts of your yard get the most shade is the ideal time to start.

Where should we do our photos?

A. I choose the locations for mini sessions. And newborn sessions are done in the comfort of your own home. For all other sessions, I have a long list of potential locations for your photoshoot. My location guide will be provided to you upon booking, but we are not limited to my recommendations! We can go anywhere. Just remember, my sessions include my travel time up to 20 minutes, so if you choose a location further away, a travel fee will be added to the cost of your session.

What happens if it rains during our scheduled session?

A. If it’s going to rain during your session, we will reschedule. I always watch the hourly forecast and will encourage you to wait until the last possible minute to make this decision with me as the weather in Cincinnati is horribly unpredictable. Overcast skies or mist would not constitute bad weather, so I would not typically reschedule unless actual rain is expected.

What should we wear?

A. Great question! What you wear depends on your own personal style and the location. If you want to dress up, I’ll suggest locations that have paths so you’re not trekking through a forest in high heels. Lots of families go dressy casual, and that is my personal sweet spot. Before your session, I’ll provide you with some tips and inspiration, but here are some basic guidelines: avoid noisy patterns and neon colors, avoid fabrics that easily wrinkle, and if you have a child in a dress, make sure you cover her underwear or diaper.

What should we bring?

A. You should always bring a neutral colored blanket in case you want any pictures sitting in the grass. If you have a 0-3 year old, I would also be prepared with things like wipes, bibs, snacks, and water.

What is a custom kids personality session?

A. This is a really fun session just for kids of any age (though when thinking of little ones, children should be able to sit unassisted). I work with them one-on-one to bring out lots of different expressions that collectively showcase their quirky, beautiful, unique personality. These are meticulously edited portrait photos (i.e. vertical images) that strike a balance somewhere between fine art and lifestyle photography. The session itself will last 30 minutes, but you'll have access to the studio 10 minutes before your session to get your kids ready. You can choose up to 2 different backdrops, and each child can do 1 outfit change if you want. This studio is amazing too! We play kids music the whole time, and snacks/water are available for the drive home. Plus, there is tons of natural light, so I don't need to use any lighting equipment – it's just me and my camera! I think this creates a comfortable atmosphere for me to interact with your kids and bring out their best smiles! After booking, I'll consult with you to help you choose outfits, backdrops, and optional props for your session. Black and white photos are included. This session is priced for up to 3 kids. It's possible to do up to 4 kids in a half hour. If you have more than 4 kids, we may need to add more shooting time for an additional cost. If you book for more than 3 kids, the number of photos you will receive will obviously increase with each child added. I would say, on average, you can expect 7-10 images per child, possibly more depending on how well the kids cooperate. Reach out to me via email if you have any other questions!

Do you touch up our photos?

A. I do my best to remove temporary blemishes like pimples, scratches, drool, and bruises, but I will not distort your appearance in any way or alter clothing. I do not generally brush out wrinkles, fix hair, or whiten teeth unless I feel it is absolutely necessary (and even then, I take a modest approach). Things to consider: Try to choose clothes that do not wrinkle easily. If you have a pet that sheds, use a lint roller before your session or choose a shirt color that will hide the hair. Use hair clips, headbands, or hair product if your child's hair is frequently in his or her face. Remove chipped nail polish, faded temporary tattoos, etc.

Can we get more photos than listed?

A. As I sort through the photos from your session, I will choose which photos to edit, and if I have enough to send extras, I usually will. But I cannot guarantee extras, and I ask you to trust my judgment during the selection and editing process. I do not offer proofs.

When will our photos be ready?

A. Galleries will be sent via email within 2 weeks of your session unless otherwise noted. You can expect a longer wait time in October and November as those are my busiest months.

Where do you recommend we print our photos?

A. I personally use www.Mpix.com. Their print quality and product availability is excellent, and they're pretty affordable.

How would you describe your style?

A. Warm and colorful.

Also worth nothing: During a typical family session, I aim for about 70% posed photos and 30% lifestyle. I'm happy to prompt more candid moments if you prefer lifestyle photography over posed portraits, just let me know in advance.

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